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Caliburn Capital is a privately-held investment holding company providing institutional investors access to alternative healthcare investments through principal-guaranteed bonds.

At a glance

Caliburn Capital, LLC is owned and controlled by its shareholders and managed by the Board of Directors and its own team.

As a private holding company, Caliburn Capital does not have an offering memorandum or a published investment policy, and its shareholders have no right to redemption as is the case with investment funds.


Florida-domiciled limited liability company, L22000500786

Share Capital

One class of common stock

Accounting Currency

United States dollar

Accounting Standard


Independent Auditors

Ernst & Young LLP


McGuireWoods LLP

Board of Directors

Kevin W. Massengill, Chairman

Robert J. Miller, Vice Chairman

Paul Marcela, Corporate Secretary

Walter P. Adams

Allen M. Sparks

Brian Wieber, CPA

Advisory Board

Kariena Greiten

Dr. Anthony Russell

Executive Committee

Joel Becker, CEO

CFO (in negotiations)


777 South Flagler Drive, Suite 800 West Tower, West Palm Beach FL 33401

+1 (855) 414-3968

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